How to be dumb while learning a language – Part 2


I guess it’s time to talk about the mistakes I after the first months learning japanese and I’ll be honest, they are even worse than the first ones considering I wasn’t a newbie anymore, but I guess you can’t get it all right.

Doing it religiously

No offense to religious people, but honestly, religious acts are boring, in fact, anything that you do imposed and/or repeatdly because of your beliefs is boring (or so it’s to me). Discipline isn’t the same thing as worning yourself out in order to achieve your objectives.

Stop with the repetition, slow down, fast it up, stop, continue, do whatever is out of the schedule or don’t have a schedule to begin with. This is the main reason why I’m stuck at a certain level in my current language learning journey, I worn myself out and my preferred options simply became boring. Add this to the fact I’m a procrastinator and you’ll have a guy who is auto-saboting himself in not making any progress.

I let one of the things like the most become a shore and this doesn’t work for me, it may work for someone, but I’m not that person. This is also why I pretty much became allergic to Anki. My suggestion is: whatever you plan to do in order to learn a language, don’t let it become the norm, don’t let you impose it on yourself (Yes, I’m aware some people work better with imposed stuff).


“Look at me, I’m such a useless sack of garbage! But at least I’m learning moonrunes in order to read stuff without depending on pretentious translators! I got to work hard!!!”

“Ugh… Damn, why I didn’t study today!? What the heck I’m thinking? Where I’m going to get this way!!!??”


“WHY. THIS. IS. NOT. WORKING!!!!!!!!!!??????!?!?!?@!1!112121131DWESCFADVXVZ\Caxdascd”


I know I can’t do anything about being one, but I do can diminish the effects of being a retarded person. I truly let myself go sometimes and I would focus so much in learning japanese that I forgot about my other objectives, I even forgot about proper learning the language to waste time in some stupid stuff concerning japanese. You need to control yourself, not in the way I said before (religiously), but you need to understand, it’s not so easy.

Ok, I don’t think it’s hard, but there is no perfect way, there’ll be problems and you have to take control of yourself or you’ll be fooled into thinking there’s progress when there is none. Again, I must say, think. It’s a journey, your movies, books, or whatever you want to read or achieve isn’t really going to run away from you, give them time and one day you’ll master it all. No need to rush or stumble in your on feet.

Don’t turn learning a language in the sun of your life, because if you found yourself in a position where you’ll have to dive into the night, then you’ll be weak, like Superman, or something… Like I did… When I couldn’t devote time to learn a language anymore (not even in minutes a day) I gave up in japanese for a few months at a point I didn’t want to learn it anymore. Thankfully, the Weeaboo in me screamed even louder and I went back to track, but nothing guarantees the same will happen to you.

Those are not the only mistakes, I’m pretty sure of it, but this is good enough to illustrate why I wasted time. Make the cliché perfect clear in you head: Learning a language is all about the journey, not about the goal. If you can’t understand this, you are in disappointment and frustration. Of course, there are cases and cases, but I’m only trying to help.

1. Ellen Baker from New Horizon – by  Rizky (strated)

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